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Verse of the Month: John 14:27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

How KHP started...


Kwetu Home of Peace is a Charitable Children's Institution of the Catholic Church established in 1993 in response to the large number of children in the streets of Nairobi.Based on our belief that street children have great potential to change their own circumstances and become productive and successful members in the society.

Kwetu Home of Peace Rescues, Rehabilitates and Reintegrates street children of ages between 8-14 years. Our major commitment is to give these children love, dignity and hope in order o restore their wellbeing, realize their talents and potentials for productive future. In addition, by rescuing these children from the streets, Kwetu Home of Peace also strives to make the streets more safe and secure.

Core Values

1) Spiritual Nourishment.

2) Family as a basic Unit of care and suppport to the children in decisions that affect them.

3) Participation of children in decisions that affect them.

4) Discipline being central for child's development and care.


1) To build the capacity of parents and local community structures toprotect the rights of boys and girls and prevent them from becoming street children.

2) To identify, recruit and rehabiliate boys from the streets of Nairobi.

3) To facilitate reintegration of rehabilitated boys with families.

4) To Enhance Capacity to Manage and Mobilize Resources to Implement Program.


Transformed street boys develop to their full potential..

Our Mission

To Rescue, Rehabilitate and Reintegrate boys from the streets of Nairobi back into their families.

Kwetu's Three R's


It involves regular visits to the streets to establish contacts with boys. Through this the social workers are able to identify boys who can join the centre. We also rescue boys who are lost and need assistance to trace their parents or guardians.
Children rescued in such situations usually stay in Kwetu for a short time. From the street they are taken to the drop in centre.It serves as a temporary stay, usually for a period of three to six months, for the boys who come from the streets.It has a capacity of 24 boys. The boys are later on moved to the main centre depending on their progress.


A boy is expected to stay in Kwetu Madaraka Drop-In Centre for a period of up to two years.
The rehabilitation programme focuses on character and talent development, spirtual norishment, hygiene and education.
The success of rehabilitation can be seen in the number of boys we reunite with their families.
Through rehabilitation the street boys are moved from a situation of high risk and "no tomorrow" to a situation of peace and security where there is "a tomorrow" In KHP Ruai.


Kwetu places an emphasis on the family as being the best place to care for children.

After a period of 2 years of rehabilitation, the children are Reintegrated to the families .i.e. Parents/Guardians

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