Base – These are some of the hiding places where we rescue boys from.

With our unique approach and dynamic programmes, Kwetu Home of Peace has been able to expand its street work and rescuing program and continues to promote street children rehabilitation and reintegration.

KHP works in both curative and preventive ways with the aim to provide rehabilitation and reintegration for children into families and communities. The organization provides peer-to-peer support for each case.

KHP also runs a shelter to receive those rescued from the streets and protect them while their families are located and prepared to receive them back.

The rescue program involves regular visits to the streets to establish contacts with boys. Social workers reach out to the children on streets to identify boys who can join the Centre for rehabilitation.

It also involves the rescue of boys who are lost and need assistance to trace their parents or guardians. Rescued children usually stay in Kwetu for a short time.


Drop-in activities at Kwetu Home of Peace

Boys from streets start their rehabilitation process at Kwetu Home of Peace. It is the first phase of our program and serves as temporary stay, usually for a period of 3-6 months.

Some of the drop-in activities include:

  • Home Visits

To identify the child’s home, parents and/or relatives and also helps understand the social environment of the child.

  • Guidance and Counseling

This involves individual counseling where professional counselors interact one on-one with the child.

  • Seminars and Workshops

This includes organizing talks for the children on various issues such as self-esteem, sexuality, drug abuse among others.

  • Non-formal Education

This is undertaken by professional teacher to help determine the stage at which a child stopped schooling if at all they started going to school.

  • Extra curriculum activities

E.g. football games and various indoor games such as draft help to identify a child’s talents.

  • Spiritual inculcation

Guided by the house fathers, children hold reflections every day and attend Sunday service every week. They are taught how to pray by themselves and above all to build a close relationship with God.

  • Responsibility Training

The boys engage in daily chores such as cleaning, sweeping and so on. Besides, they have small gardens and rabbits which they take care of to learn day-to-day responsibilities.

  • Medical Care

Given the environment these children come from, they require thorough and constant medical care. Thorough medical examination is done within the week of their arrival.



This is the second phase of Kwetu programs. It continues what was started in phase one but with more activities added.

A child is expected to stay in Kwetu for at least two years before they get re-united with their families.

The rehabilitation programme focuses on:

  • Formal Education

Once at the Main Centre, the children undertake formal education in the neighboring public and private schools. These children stay at Kwetu for only two years but they should continue with their education even after reintegration.

  • Responsibility, skills training and talent development

Alongside responsibility training as in Drop-In, not every child has an interest and ability to excel in informal learning.  Hence, a well-designed skills training and talent development are very important in furthering success in a child’s future. The skills training to a greater extent helps the caregivers and educators to understand well the learning needs of the boys while at Kwetu Home of Peace.

Boys showcasing their musical talents through a marching band at Home Kwetu of Peace.
Boys at Kwetu Home of Peace undertake light lessons on seed planting and drip irrigation at Kwetu Farm. The hands-on training greatly expands their skills outside classrooms

Kwetu boys at the farm during seed planting exercise. The skills training acquired farm practices, to a greater extent help the caregivers and educators to understand well the learning needs of the boys while in Kwetu Home of Peace.

Boys performing a Cameroonian dance called Zangalewa at Kwetu Home of Peace.
Boys at Kwetu Home of Peace performing a traditional Maasai dance.