Kwetu Home of Peace Dispensary

Kwetu Home of Peace dispensary is located in Ruai, about 30 Km from Nairobi’s CBD; along Kangundo Road. Kwetu Dispensary serves over 1,300 outpatients per month of the informal settlement dwellers and other low-income earner persons.

Currently, we have a nurse, pharmacist, and lab technician who operate it. We offer consultation services, lab facilities, anti-natal services, children welfare, and VCT services.

Our plan is to offer more services such as postnatal services i.e. vaccination for children which has a high demand in the community.

Ruai Community

The population of Ruai is around 670,000 People. The area is semi-arid. There has been rampant migration to Ruai in the past few years with many people moving in to settle in order to avoid congestion in other suburban areas.

The area does not have better medical facilities hence Kwetu dispensary is in a strategic position to grow and be able to respond to the needs of the population.

Opportunity to give

At the moment we are in dire need to upgrade the medical equipment and expand the dispensary in order to effectively provide quality and affordable health care for the increased number of patients and the rescued boys who depend on the dispensary for treatment.