Street Children in Need of Support to join School in 2021

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Former street children pose with colorful certificates after successfully completing a short rehabilitation program at the half-way drop-in centre at Kwetu Home of Peace. They are waiting for their admissions to school to pursue formal education. The boys are in need of support for school fees and uniforms to help them join formal education.

Over the past year, the staff and street children at Kwetu Home of Peace have faced many challenges emanating from difficult economic times in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Throughout the year 2020, many of us have struggled to come to terms with the evolving impact of Coronavirus. And, at Kwetu Home of Peace, our organization is no exception.

Our work with street children is driven at all times by understanding that each child is an individual with a unique set of experience, aspirations, needs and challenges. Each one of us does his part and considers that the welfare of these children is our own responsibility.

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The first day of arrival for the rescued boys at Kwetu Home of Peace. The rescued boys are given psychological and medical support once they arrive from the streets due to the harsh living conditions they encounter while on the streets.

This year, we held a graduation ceremony for 11 street boys on the 4th of December 2020 who have made the transition from the streets to the half-way rescue centre and have successfully completed their short rehabilitation program at Kwetu Home of Peace main centre in Madaraka. After being transferred to the Ruai Centre on the 6th of December 2020, they are now awaiting for their admissions into schools to start their formal education.

Can you imagine the hope in their hearts after leaving life on the streets, drugs, and stealing and now having a real future ahead? You haven’t ever seen such smiles on the faces of young boys as we did on that day.

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The reformed boys pose for a photo after receiving school bags for use when schools re-open. These boys are in need of school fees, uniforms, shoes, and personal effects as they look forward to joining the school in January 2020.

Kwetu sees true progressiveness in empowering street children with life skills and encouraging them so that they may go out and build lives for themselves. Through experiences like these, Kwetu children are developing personal esteem and are fulfilling their responsibilities for supporting themselves, their families and other children in the future.

Moving on to 2021, Kwetu Home is working hard to realize our goal of enrolling all our boys who’ve graduated from the short rehabilitation program at the main centre into formal education institutions. Although we are facing some unexpected hurdles along the way, such as lack of school fees for the boys, books, food items while in boarding schools as well as uniforms and shoes, we know that we shall realize our goal through your generous gifts in kind and cash. To make this possible, we are kindly requesting your donations to help the graduated boys to join formal education institutions starting in January 2021. Together, we will continue to make a difference in these children’s lives.

“Before I joined Kwetu Home of Peace I would not express myself, I was untrustworthy and did not care what happened, said John Chege, a 14-year-old former street boy living at Kwetu Home, who has successfully completed the short rehabilitation program. My mentor has a lot of trust in me. I want to make him proud by re-joining school in 2021.” John said.

Just like “John Chege” street children are robbed of their dignity through communities’ ignorance and fear, but Kwetu Home of Peace has come out strongly to empower them and reaffirm their potential. Contrary to when the children were in the streets, now the majority of community members want to be associated with Kwetu graduates.

Truly, street children need your support to pursue formal education.

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To our Donors: Thank you for your critical support

Boys at Kwetu Home of Peace receive training on how to effectively sanitize their hands and practice social distancing. The boys who were rescued recently from the streets of Nairobi also received personal protective equipment to help them prevent coronavirus infection. People’s opinions about street children are beginning to change thanks to the good works of Kwetu Home of Peace.

Many of us are struggling to come to terms with the evolving impact of Coronavirus. And, at Kwetu Home of Peace, our organization is no exception.

The situation is critically impacting our vital work being done on the front-line and beyond.

Thank you for helping us to keep on fighting.

To date much of the news has focused on Africa and then subsequently the impact on Kenya. We are facing a ticking time bomb, as a nation just like other parts of the world and communities without strong health systems or economies, who are far less able to withstand the shock of the pandemic.

Our organization is operating on a tight budget already, and we are now facing an unprecedented demand for services as well as an economic downturn. Your gift is crucial in helping us keep the support going for street children in Kenya particularly Nairobi where over 60,000 children remain vulnerable on the streets during Covid-19 pandemic.

Now more than ever we are all recognizing the importance of family to provide care, support and protection; and yet not every child has a family or home to protect them and for others their family is not a safe space.

In the event that you are able to donate funds at this crucial time, and would like to do so, please visit our donor page.