Cows in a shed at Kwetu Farm in Ruai

Kwetu Home of Peace Farming Project (crop, livestock & poultry production) is a project of Kwetu Home of Peace. The agricultural practices are aimed at strengthening and increasing production on the farm to meet internal food needs and generate income from the surplus through local market sales to support the home.

The farm has food crops such as bananas, sweet potatoes, orchards, tomatoes, onions, and vegetables. The farm production capacity has gradually increased from 3 to 5 acres of land with food crops and livestock keeping. Currently, the farm project is embarking on the expansion of its cultivated land for crops as well as livestock section (dairy and goats), and going forward, an introduction of the poultry section is deemed viable.

Kwetu Home of Peace has been demonstrably successful in its rise from a mere feeding station 27 years ago, to the Rehabilitation Centre it is now. During these years, much time and energy have been spent into developing income‐generating activities in a journey towards self‐sufficiency in providing livelihood and services not only to the Children of the Centre but also to the surrounding communities: few people practice sustainable agriculture through kitchen gardens, because of the meagre land potions. For this reason, agricultural activities run at KHP represent the main source of livelihood.

Since the formation of the project, Kwetu has engaged in concretizing and sensitizing the entire community on their roles and active participation in community development. This sensitization campaign culminated in an increased number of rehabilitated street children with readily available fresh food from the farm to feed the children as well as for sale in the local market.


The overall objective of the farming project is in accordance with the government’s agricultural policy of increasing food production and diversification of the present farming system so as to attain sustainable food security for all.

The specific objective:

  • To Increase the production of crops so as to attain increased production level.
  • To raise more livestock (dairy, and goats).
  • To strengthen the productive capacity of the rehabilitated street children though hands-on skills training
  • To create a sense of awareness for the rehabilitated street children towards sustainable agriculture production.
  • To re-organize and strengthen the host community.


  • Dairy Section
The dairy cows at Kwetu Farm
Goats in a shed at Kwetu Farm
  • Farm Section

Current crops on the farm:

  • Bananas
  • Avocado trees
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Sukuma-wiki
  • Spinach
  • Vegetables- Kienyeji
  • 1000 tomato seedlings in the seed bed
Banana section at Kwetu Farm
Tomato farm
  • The Greenhouse
The greenhouse section at Kwetu farm


At Kwetu Home of Peace, there are inadequate resources in the implementation of the rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration programs. The organization is in dire need to develop and expand on its farming activities, but could not afford the provision of basic inputs due to limited resources. The major problem faced by the project and which it will try to address is the lack of the most appropriate agriculture inputs to restart normal production activities. These inputs include farm equipment, seeds, planting materials, and livestock for the restocking of animals.

This has, consequently, led to the slow roll-out of otherwise very good activities to strengthen the Home. This has made it difficult to capitalize on important developmental areas such as farming due to a lack of resources.