20 Homeless Children Rescued From Nairobi Streets

NAIROBI, March 2, 2021 – 20 Street children have been rescued and will undergo rehabilitation at Kwetu Home of Peace.

Rescued boys pose for a photo shortly after arriving at Kwetu Home of Peace.

We all know our lives changed in one way or the other due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has even been tougher for the street-connected children and families that were already needy. Even so, because of your generosity over the years and specifically in 2021, the Kwetu Home of Peace team has been able to rescue more children from the streets. 20 children were rescued from the streets of Nairobi on 2nd March 2021, marking our first batch of boys rescued this year.

There is a multitude of reasons why children decide to leave home to pursue a life living on the streets, and at times numerous factors are contributing to a child’s decision to leave home. These reasons and factors can be categorized into two major groups: Family-Centric Issues and Child-Centric Issues.

Within Nairobi town, the street population lives and operates from several “bases” spread throughout the city. Some bases are relatively safe, while others can be very violent.

The rescued boys looking neat and tidy, dressed in newer outfits and shoes with fresh haircuts, moments after being introduced to their new home at Kwetu Home of Peace in Madaraka

At Kwetu Home of Peace, we rescue children living on the streets, rehabilitate them—giving them a chance to grow and heal—and reunite them with their families.

KHP carries out street activities and the recovery of children who daily experience situations of high social marginality. Attention is directed in particular to boys of age 8-14 years old who are exposed to the most desperate and abandoned conditions with the dual objective of supporting them and reintegrating them within an adequate and healthy life context. At the same time, the project favors an environment in which children have access to education and basic health services, thus satisfying the basic needs necessary for their growth and development that is adequate to their potential.

KHP has rescued street children for more than two decades, and in that time the institution has attempted a diversity of interventions to address the challenge of assisting these children who find themselves living on the streets. The interventions have worked effectively to help children living on the streets and lessened their challenges on the streets with great thanks to KHP’s well-trained staffing for all the good work that they do.

While at Kwetu Home of Peace drop-in centre, the rescued children are provided with basic services (food, medical care, remedial academic instruction, counseling, etc.). There is an effective care model with high regard to the diversity of needs manifested by the individual child. Reconnections between the child and his home and family are made through a more careful approach so that the key family ties are rekindled and sustained throughout and beyond the child’s rehabilitation and reintegration process.

The Meet, Greet, Welcome, and Prayer time during the official welcoming of the rescued boys at Kwetu Home of Peace. The process involves the boys abandoning all their stuff brought from the streets and renounce their street life followed by a commitment to a new life at Kwetu Home of Peace.

KHP has seen immense success in pairing down the number of children who live on the streets of Nairobi. More than 100 children are rescued from the streets annually. Our holistic approach, combining both curative and preventative measures and targeting not simply the street child in isolation but the entire family, has proved a cost-effective, sustainable, and very successful model in reuniting children with their families and the community and enabling them to succeed in mainstream schools, performing well against their peers.

Great thanks to our partners for making our mission possible through timely support towards the rescuing, rehabilitation, and reintegration programs at KHP.

We envision a world where all children access and attain equal opportunities. Your partnership and donations go a long way in bringing hope and changing the lives of millions of children in Kenya. Be a hero. Make a difference today.

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Street Children in Need of Support to join School in 2021

Former street children pose with colorful certificates after successfully completing a short rehabilitation program at the half-way drop-in centre at Kwetu Home of Peace. They are waiting for their admissions to school to pursue formal education. The boys are in need of support for school fees and uniforms to help them join formal education.

Over the past year, the staff and street children at Kwetu Home of Peace have faced many challenges emanating from difficult economic times in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Throughout the year 2020, many of us have struggled to come to terms with the evolving impact of Coronavirus. And, at Kwetu Home of Peace, our organization is no exception.

Our work with street children is driven at all times by understanding that each child is an individual with a unique set of experience, aspirations, needs and challenges. Each one of us does his part and considers that the welfare of these children is our own responsibility.

The first day of arrival for the rescued boys at Kwetu Home of Peace. The rescued boys are given psychological and medical support once they arrive from the streets due to the harsh living conditions they encounter while on the streets.

This year, we held a graduation ceremony for 11 street boys on the 4th of December 2020 who have made the transition from the streets to the half-way rescue centre and have successfully completed their short rehabilitation program at Kwetu Home of Peace main centre in Madaraka. After being transferred to the Ruai Centre on the 6th of December 2020, they are now awaiting for their admissions into schools to start their formal education.

Can you imagine the hope in their hearts after leaving life on the streets, drugs, and stealing and now having a real future ahead? You haven’t ever seen such smiles on the faces of young boys as we did on that day.

The reformed boys pose for a photo after receiving school bags for use when schools re-open. These boys are in need of school fees, uniforms, shoes, and personal effects as they look forward to joining the school in January 2020.

Kwetu sees true progressiveness in empowering street children with life skills and encouraging them so that they may go out and build lives for themselves. Through experiences like these, Kwetu children are developing personal esteem and are fulfilling their responsibilities for supporting themselves, their families, and other children in the future.

Moving on to 2021, Kwetu Home is working hard to realize our goal of enrolling all our boys who’ve graduated from the short rehabilitation program at the main centre into formal education institutions. Although we are facing some unexpected hurdles along the way, such as lack of school fees for the boys, books, food items while in boarding schools as well as uniforms and shoes, we know that we shall realize our goal through your generous gifts in kind and cash. To make this possible, we are kindly requesting your donations to help the graduated boys to join formal education institutions starting in January 2021. Together, we will continue to make a difference in these children’s lives.

“Before I joined Kwetu Home of Peace I would not express myself, I was untrustworthy and did not care what happened, said John Chege, a 14-year-old former street boy living at Kwetu Home, who has successfully completed the short rehabilitation program. My mentor has a lot of trust in me. I want to make him proud by re-joining school in 2021.” John said.

Just like “John Chege” street children are robbed of their dignity through communities’ ignorance and fear, but Kwetu Home of Peace has come out strongly to empower them and reaffirm their potential. Contrary to when the children were in the streets, now the majority of community members want to be associated with Kwetu graduates.

Truly, street children need your support to pursue formal education.

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St. Jude Chapel Official Opening at Kwetu Home of Peace

October 7th, 2020.

His Lordship Bishop David Kamau, the Auxiliary Bishop of Nairobi Archdiocese officially opens St. Jude Chapel at Kwetu Home of Peace on the 7th of October, 2020.

Named under the patronage of St. Jude of Thaddeus, the Kwetu Home of Peace Chapel has signified new beginnings for the former street boys at the home. The newly built chapel is an enduring landmark amidst the growing Kwetu home of Peace boys’ population. It shall serve as an outreach tool while providing comfort to hundreds of the former street boys who live at KHP.

The new St. Jude Chapel is central to the boys living at Kwetu Home of Peace. The Chapel was officially opened on the 7th of October, 2020, and was blessed by His Lordship Bishop David Kamau, the Auxiliary Bishop of Nairobi Archdiocese. Pinned next to the administration block, it imbues a sense of stillness, calm, strength, and hope for the children at Kwetu Home of Peace.

The Chapel span a (10 by 5) m2 footprint. A cream coated wall, encases the white ceramic tiles and glazed building, allowing a soft dappled light to filter through into the internal space throughout the day. This atmospheric effect, combined with a warm interior palette creates a golden, heavenly hue, enveloping both staff and children as they take part in a variety of worship services, ceremonial, social and cultural events.

‘The new Chapel is a focal point for our Kwetu Home of Peace community. We’re delighted that the design incorporates elements of the Christian history in a contemporary form. I’m sure St Jude Chapel will be a wonderful place for Kwetu boys to meet, and worship together,’ said Bishop David Kamau, the Auxiliary Bishop of Nairobi Archdiocese.

Fr. Abel Njeru, the new Chairman for Kwetu Home of Peace board of directors, stated that the Chapel is at the heart of Kwetu Home of Peace Drop in Centre, just as Christ is at the heart of our ministries. “It is more than a building. It is a reminder to every one of who we are and what we stand for.” Fr Abel said.

As John Chege, a 14-year boy from our Centre, says, “Sunday school is something which I can’t wait for each week. I get to see all my friends, laugh, and play and learn about Jesus! The stories that are told are so exciting and I love learning about Jesus and all the things he did. He is my Superhero! And gone are the days when ugly weather could lead to cancellation of Sunday service.”

His Lordship Bishop David Kamau receives a gift from one of the boys at Kwetu Home of Peace. The woven basket is the handwork of the talented-creative boys at the home.

The layout of the Chapel is juxtaposed, with the spire and entrance centered along the length of the building and spilling out to the courtyard which functions as an outdoor communal area. The courtyard connects the Chapel to other elements of the Centre, the library, the administration block and the parking lot, completing the public domain renewal as envisaged by the Centre’s 2014 master plan.

Elements of significance have been incorporated on the building. The stained-glass window on the front-right side of the chapel depict the visit of the wise men. The beautiful picture on the window essentially tells of the homage of these “Magi” to the one who was born king of the Jews. The back-right window represent important milestones in Jesus’ life. A large window shows Joseph welcoming baby Jesus into his open arms. Each window is a reminder that God loves children and welcomes anyone with pain and suffering.

Sr. Janerose Nyongesa, thanked all those who contributed their generous gifts towards the chapel project. “We are thrilled to have your support. Through your donation we have been able to accomplish our chapel project and continue working towards rescuing, rehabilitation and reintegration of street children. You truly make the difference for us, and we are extremely grateful! It is your continued support that sustains our mission and makes all the difference.” Sr. Janerose the director, Kwetu Home of Peace continued saying, “with this new chapel we will be able to provide for these children in a much better way. There will be no more interruptions or cancellations of the worship services due to bad weather, the cold and hot weather will be less of an issue, and quite simply an indoors building with seats and proper facilities will just mean so much for the children, they will feel so much more wanted!”

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Sr. Janerose Nyongesa, Kwetu Home of Peace Director, addresses the congregation during the opening of St. Jude Chapel at Kwetu Home of Peace.

Talking about the impact of the new building, Sr. Teresa Makau, the council member of the Assumption Sisters of Eldoret, said that the chapel is also a standing representation of Kwetu partnerships. “By helping us build this Chapel, you’ve not only done a big favor towards our children, but you’ve also helped the entire Kwetu Home of Peace.

Kwetu Home of Peace fraternity join together for a photo session after the official opening of St. Jude Chapel.

Coronavirus Emergency Response Programme | Donate

Boys rescued from the Nairobi streets receive training on hand hygiene at Kwetu Home of Peace. To suppress their frustrations with their harsh surroundings full of mistreatments from the police with the ongoing curfew amidst coronavirus outbreak, street children have turned to drugs and glue sniffing. Kwetu is leading the rescuing process of children currently on the streets.

Coronavirus is increasing the levels of poverty, homelessness, and hunger. Today, street children need us more than ever. That’s why we’ve launched our Coronavirus Emergency Response Programme. 

Right now, we’re helping street children through this crisis, by:

  • Providing street children in Nairobi, Kenya with a temporary home and online education at Kwetu Home of Peace.
  • Providing meals to feed street children through this crisis in Nairobi.

We desperately need your support to continue and expand this vital work. 

Please help us with a donation today.