Support street children in Nairobi to be with their families and give hope

When you donate, you help us impact more children with quality services while at Kwetu


Kwetu has helped 3,000+ children thrive and become healthy adults

Our Vision

Transform street boys develop their full potential.

Our Mission

To Rescue, Rehabilitate and Reintegrate boys from the streets of Nairobi back into their families.

What we do

Kwetu Home of Peace helps street children develop their full potential by rescuing, rehabilitating, and reintegrating street children back into their families.

about us

How we care for children

Kwetu Home of Peace (KHP) supports street boys to have access to quality rehabilitation services and eventually be in families because every child deserves to be loved, safe, and have dignity. We have two locations in Madaraka and Ruai that can support more than 140 children.

We currently have 75 boys under our care at Madaraka (in our program) and 22 drop-in boys at Ruai (in the intake stages). In addition, we are supporting 74 children in their communities and with families.

Our goal is to help these children in our care and others in safe and loving families through kinship, family reunification, and community-based care.

KHP was started as a feeding program for children in 1993 by Michel Meunier, a Missionary of Africa and parish priest.

Our program would switch to a Childcare Institution to care for and protect homeless children after it was discovered that most kids we fed were sleeping on the streets. We're now shifting to serving children from their families after reunification while continuing our operations rescuing and caring for street children.

Over the past 28 years, over 3,000 children have passed through KHP. Most, if not all, have found their place in the broader community, gainful employment, a trade, and have founded a family.


Changing the way we care 

Children should be families and kinship care, not orphanages. Kids have the best chance to thrive when they grow up in a family. 

That's why we're committed to strengthening families. We are shifting towards a family-based care model, serving children from their homes with their families rather than having them live at the Centre.

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