April 26, 2022

Otieno Moses finds hope at Kwetu

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Otieno Moses went from being homeless on the streets of Nairobi to being rescued by KHP, going to school, and being reunited with his family.

Moses is fed a piece of cake by Sr. Gladys, who has been by his side on his journey at Kwetu


Moses is the firstborn in a family of three. He lived with his grandmother, who could not provide for his basic needs. He dropped out in class six due to a lack of school fees and decided to run to the street of Kisii, where he slept for two days, before relocating to the streets of Nairobi in 2017.

Otieno is among the boys who have been rescued from living on the street

Rescued in Nairobi and Home Tracing at Kwetu

On the streets of Nairobi, he begged for money, collected metal scraps that he sold for cash, and did some casual labor for his survival. Finally, he was rescued from the streets of Nairobi in September 2018.

Home tracing was done, and we discovered that Otieno’s family was still struggling with poverty. Therefore, our team decided that he should continue with the rehabilitation process at Kwetu as we empowered his family to receive him back.

Moses at his school, St. Joseph Junior Seminary

Supporting Otieno Moses' Education and Reintegration

During his stay at Kwetu, he was enrolled in one of the primary schools, where he studied until he completed class 8 and then went to high school at St. Joseph Junior Seminary.

Otieno was reunited with his family once they felt prepared to care for him, and we still facilitate his education to this day.

Boys who are ready for reintegration are cutting a farewell cake - among them is Moses Otieno (front, right)

Getting Involved

If you feel called to join us on our mission of rescuing, rehabilitating, and reintegrating street children back into their families, consider donating. Donor support helps us follow up with families better and provide family-strengthening services to keep families together.

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Moses received a Kwetu Home of Peace certificate - He has completed the rehabilitation program and is now being reunited with his aunt


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