May 27, 2021

30 Street Children Rescued from Nairobi Streets

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30 Street children have been rescued and will undergo rehabilitation at Kwetu Home of Peace.

Rescued boys pose for a photo shortly after arriving at Kwetu Home of Peace.

We've all had life adjustments due to the COVID-19 outbreak in some way. This time has been especially challenging for street-connected children and families already in need.

Despite this, the Kwetu Home of Peace team has successfully rescued even more street children, most notably in 2021. Kwetu rescued 30 street children from Nairobi's streets on May 27th, marking our second batch of boys rescued this year.

This process has been made possible through a continued partnership that has for long proven to be feasible between Kwetu Home of Peace and Street Families Rehabilitation Trust Fund (SFRTF) under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, with a mandate to coordinate, mobilize resources, and fund rehabilitation programmes for street families.

The rescuing program

The rescuing program was conducted along the Nairobi streets by Kwetu Home of Peace with officials from Street Fund, that ended up saving yet another batch of homeless boys as part of a rescuing program carried out three times annually.

This program falls under the larger project of the County Government of Nairobi that envisions a county free of street families through strengthening and supporting organizations that rescue street children, such as Kwetu Home of Peace.

Speaking during the exercise at Uhuru Park, Chairperson of Street Families Rehabilitation Trust Fund (SFRTF), the Honourable Mary Wambui, said the programme targets to rescue at least 500 street children from the streets of Nairobi.

The Hon. Mary Wambui shares a light moment with the rescued boys right after arrival at Kwetu Home of Peace.

"We have today rescued 30 children. We have partnered with Kwetu Home of Peace in this exercise," said Wambui.

The Nairobi street population lives and operates from several "bases" located across the city. Some bases are generally safe; however, others may be dangerous.

The rescued boys looked neat and tidy, dressed in newer outfits and shoes with fresh haircuts, moments after being introduced to their new home at Kwetu Home of Peace in Madaraka.

Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Reintegrate

At Kwetu Home of Peace, we rescue street children, rehabilitate them (offering them an opportunity to develop and heal), and reconnect them with their families.

KHP engages in street activities and the rehabilitation of children who live in conditions of extreme social marginalization daily. The focus is on boys aged 8 to 14 that are exposed to the most terrible and abandoned situations, with the twin goal of assisting them and reintegrating them into an acceptable and healthy living environment.

The rescued boys receive their first orientation at Kwetu Home of Peace.

Simultaneously, the initiative promotes an environment where children can access school and basic health care, meeting the necessities essential for their proper growth and development.

The rescued boys are given essential assistance at the Kwetu Home of Peace drop-in center (food, medical care, remedial academic instruction, counseling, etc.). There is an effective care model that considers the variety of requirements displayed by the particular child.

Kwetu facilitates reunifications between the child and his family with even greater care, so the child's essential family bonds are rekindled and preserved during and beyond the rehabilitation and reintegration process.

Reducing the number of children living on Nairobi's streets

KHP has had tremendous success in reducing the number of children living on Nairobi's streets. Every year, Kwetu rescues more than 100 boys from the streets.

Our comprehensive approach integrates acute and primary measures and targets not just the secluded street child but the entire family. Our program has conclusively demonstrated to be a cost-effective, sustainable, and very successful model in reuniting children with their families and communities and enabling them to succeed in mainstream schools, outperforming their peers.

The official reception of the rescued boys at Kwetu Home of Peace included a Meet, Greet, Welcome, and Prayer session. The procedure entails the boys surrendering all of their belongings brought from the streets and renouncing their street existence, followed by a commitment to a new life at Kwetu Home of Peace.

Many thanks to Street Families Rehabilitation Trust Fund and our partners for making our work possible by providing timely assistance to KHP's rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration programs.

We envisage a society where all children have equal access to and achieve equal opportunities. Your collaboration and donations go a great way in delivering hope and changing the lives of millions of Kenyan children. Be a hero. Make a difference today.

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