July 23, 2021

A Day of Celebration at Kwetu Home of Peace: Former street boy graduates at Kenyatta University

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As a 14-year-old confronting the harsh reality of street life in Eastleigh, Nairobi, John Kang'ethe never gave up on his schooling with the help of Kwetu and now has a Bachelor's degree in Community Resources Management and Extension.

Bachelor's degree in Community Resources Management and Extension graduate John Kang'ethe receives a pair of shoes from Kwetu boys during his graduation ceremony at Kwetu Home of Peace. [Photo: Kwetu Home of Peace]

Rescued by Kwetu Home of Peace

Kang'ethe lived on the streets of Eastleigh, Nairobi when he was younger after dropping out of school. He vividly remembers when he was on the verge of becoming permanently homeless. Still, Kwetu Home of Peace took a chance on him, helped him get back on track, and supported his secondary and university studies.

Kang'ethe emphasizes that his lack of self-esteem made it difficult for him to accept the chance, and he never believed that he will one day set his foot at the university gate. Universities, he felt, were not for ordinary people from the streets.

Celebrating John's success

Kang'ethe, whose inspiration has been to become a community resource manager, is happy to have completed his bachelor's degree and is looking forward to the future.

Rather than hosting a spectacular party with his family and friends, Kang'ethe opted to celebrate his success Friday, July 23rd, 2021 at the Kwetu Home of Peace, where he grew up after being rescued from the streets.

Kang'ethe stated why he chose Kwetu Home of Peace for the occasion, saying that he wanted to motivate former street boys at Kwetu to pursue education while also thanking KHP and Nyaatha Ray of Hope for their educational assistance.

John Kang'ethe with Kwetu Home fraternity during a cake-cutting moment

"When I looked at myself and my history, I feared I'd never be able to fulfill the level and quality of education expected at Kenyatta University.

"But I was mistaken," Kang'ethe said. "It was after getting assistance from the University professors throughout those years that everything started changing for me," he continued. "I discovered that the material and practical elements of higher education matched well with my inquisitive nature, and so, I flourished after that," he added.

What's possible because of sponsorship

While adjusting to life away from the streets and letting go of bad habits was challenging, Kang'ethe remained determined. He matriculated and enrolled for a Bachelor's degree in Community Resources Management and Extension at Kenyatta University, thanks to a sponsorship from Jen Fife through Kwetu Home of Peace and Nyaatha Ray of Hope.

"The thrill I felt upon graduation was indescribable. "I am really thankful to Kwetu Home of Peace and Nyaatha Ray of Hope for their effort and determination in aiding young people like me to improve our lives," Kang'ethe said. "Great thanks to my family for their support, and above all, glory be to God for bringing me this far," he added. 


"The thrill I felt upon graduation was indescribable. I am really thankful to Kwetu Home of Peace and Nyaatha Ray of Hope for their effort and determination in aiding young people like me to improve our lives,"

Talking about his plans, Kang'ethe--one of the many graduates who've benefited from the Kwetu Home of Peace Education Program, stated that his focus would be on lobbying for child protection against child abuse and substance addiction, which is often the root cause of family problems but is often part of a complicated web of coexisting issues such as poverty, social exclusion, poor mental health, and lack of education.

There were invited visitors in attendance, including Sandra and family friends of Javier Aranguren of Karibu Sana, who had made a special visit to KHP. In addition, Dr. Paul Were, former chairperson of the KHP board of directors, and KHP alumni Francis Adede, Elihosam Okumu, Joseph, and Nicolas Kilonzo, among others, graced the occasion.

Kwetu boys share a local dance session with Sandra and friends during the graduation ceremony.

Education provides stability and self-dependence

Sr. Janerose Nyongesa, Kwetu Home of Peace Director, thanked Kange'the for his determination and endurance in school and called upon the boys at Kwetu to embrace education and stated that education provides stability and self-dependence.

She also thanked education sponsors for their commitment and support to KHP and Nyaatha Ray of Hope and parents for collaborating with caregivers and teachers throughout the implementation of the education programs.

Sr. Janerose Nyongesa during a photo session with Sandra and friends after the graduation ceremony.

Sr. Janerose emphasized that with support, Kwetu Home of Peace could help improve the lives of less fortunate children through education such as John Kange'the and give them a healthy and hopeful future.

Individual donors are the primary source of funding

"Individual donations are the primary source of funding for Kwetu Home of Peace," said Nyongesa. "Individual donors may opt to become sponsors, which play an important part in assisting our boys in school," she continued. "Sponsorships allow us to offer educational, nutritional, medical, and psychological assistance to children," she added.

Sr. Janerose called upon well-wishers to support the education program at Kwetu Home of peace, pointing to education as the true empowerment for street children. "Hope is a wonderful thing, perhaps the best of things, and education brings hope," said Nyongesa. "To love is to share," she added.


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