April 9, 2023

“About Us – Learn about Kwetu Home of Peace’s Mission to Rescue and Empower Street Children”

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Kwetu Home of Peace is an organization in Nairobi that rescues street children and provides them with safe and loving family-based care. Currently, they have 22 boys in the Madaraka drop-in center and 75 boys in the main center under their care, while also supporting 74 reintegrated children with their families. The organization provides food, clothing, shelter, and psychosocial support to the children, along with establishing co-curricular activities and nurturing their talents. Their goal is to help these children in their care and others through kinship, family reunification, and community-based care. Kwetu Home of Peace focuses on providing family-based care, which involves reunification with biological parents, kinship care, foster care, or adoption. They also work on strengthening families to prevent unnecessary separation. The organization’s transition emphasizes sustainable family-based care over institutionalization and seeks to reduce the dependency on institutionalization while increasing community responsibility in taking care of the children. Kwetu Home of Peace provides psychological support to families, family empowerment, monitoring and evaluation of children in families, and regularly assesses the impact of the program on families. The organization provides parent education, spiritual development, and skills training to build a strong foundation for empowerment and self-sufficiency. They help parents gain skills that sustain their families and children for the long-term. Kwetu Home of Peace has a phase-wise program that includes child rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration. Through fundraising and donor support, the organization aims to impact more children by carrying out more family empowerment activities, supporting children in their education, better affording medical support, supporting parenting capacity building and entrepreneurship skills, psychosocially supporting reintegrated children and families better, and funding essential staff for successful reintegration of children with families.


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